Clinical Exome Sequencing as a Novel Tool for Diagnosing Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Type 3.


In rare genetic vascular syndromes the diagnosis may not be apparent from the phenotype, but might be important for proper management.


A previously healthy woman without dysmorphic features presented with pregnancy associated vascular dissections and aneurysms. Next generation clinical exome sequencing was performed.


The differential diagnosis of spontaneous arterial dissection is outlined. The patient’s diagnosis became evident after clinical exome sequencing detected a novel missense mutation in the evolutionary conserved region of SMAD3, confirming the diagnosis of Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) type 3. A brief overview of the various types of LDS and their management is presented.


Clinical exome sequencing proved useful in diagnosing LDS type 3 where detailed vascular surveillance and timely intervention with a low threshold is recommended.

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