[Identification of disease targets for precision medicine by integrative analysis of multi-omics data].

With the development and improvement of high-throughput sequencing technologies, the acquisition and processing approaches of various biological omics data on different levels are becoming more mature. Despite several new disease-associated factors have been discovered based on single omics data analysis, identification of disease targets by integrative analysis of multi-omics data is still growing. Since life is a complex regulatory system in which the regulation of gene mutations, epigenetic alterations, abnormal gene expression as well as anomalous variations in signal pathway are related with the occurrence and development of diseases, it is obvious that finding therapeutic factors using single omics data analysis has its limitation. Systematical studies of clinical and pathological mechanisms and identification of optimal therapeutic targets through integrative analysis of multi-omics data from different levels and resources have become an important research direction of precision medicine, which would provide innovative perspectives on disease study and new theoretical basis for early diagnosis, personalized treatment and medicine guide. In this review, we introduce new technologies and research progresses in screening therapeutic targets using systematic omics such as genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics, and also discusse new strategies and advantages of integrative analysis among them.

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