RNA-Seq Analysis to Measure the Expression of SINE Retroelements.

The intrinsic features of retroelements, like their repetitive nature and disseminated presence in their host genomes, demand the use of advanced methodologies for their bioinformatic and functional study. The short length of SINE (short interspersed elements) retrotransposons makes such analyses even more complex. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are currently one of the most widely used tools to characterize the whole repertoire of gene expression in a specific tissue. In this chapter, we will review the molecular and computational methods needed to perform NGS analyses on SINE elements. We will also describe new methods of potential interest for researchers studying repetitive elements. We intend to outline the general ideas behind the computational analyses of NGS data obtained from SINE elements, and to stimulate other scientists to expand our current knowledge on SINE biology using RNA-seq and other NGS tools.

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