Hepatoid Carcinoma of the Pancreas: Case Report, Next-Generation Tumor Profiling, and Literature Review.

Fewer than 25 cases of hepatoid carcinoma of the pancreas have been reported in the literature. We present a case in a 61-year-old male with a remote history of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and gastric neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia. On surveillance endoscopic ultrasound, an 8 × 5 mm cystic lesion was seen in the tail of the pancreas. MRI showed a focal pancreatic duct cut-off with mild ductal dilation. Fine needle aspiration was performed, which was concerning for acinar cell carcinoma. The patient underwent distal pancreatectomy and recovered uneventfully. Final pathology demonstrated a 1.3-cm hepatoid carcinoma of the pancreas, with a final clinicopathological stage of T1N0M0. Next-generation nucleic acid sequencing of the tumor did not suggest a viable adjuvant chemotherapeutic agent, and no adjuvant therapy was administered. The patient has no evidence of disease 6 months following resection. A further characterization and description of the outcomes of these rare tumors is warranted to help guide providers and counsel patients.

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