Genome database mining for the discovery of novel lantibiotics.

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Genome database mining for the discovery of novel lantibiotics.

Expert Opin Drug Discov. 2017 Mar 17;:

Authors: Sandiford SK

INTRODUCTION: The effectiveness of lantibiotics against MDR pathogens and the progression of agents MU1140, NAI-107, NVB302 and duramycin into pre-clinical and clinical trials have highlighted their potential in the fight against bacterial resistance. The number of known lantibiotics and knowledge of their biosynthetic pathways has increased in recent years due to higher quality genomic data being delivered by next generation sequencing technologies combined with the development of specific genome mining tools, enabling the prediction of lantibiotic clusters. Areas covered: In this review, the author describes how the increase of high quality genomic data has increased the discovery of novel lantibiotics. Expert opinion: Novel apparatus such as the iChip enabling the isolation of uncultable bacteria will undoubtedly increase the identification rate of novel antimicrobial peptides including lantibiotics. The ability to then assess the lantibiotic clusters via recombinant production or synthesis using a high throughput method is one of the next challenges for developing these agents into the clinical environment.

PMID: 28306363 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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