Children's Hospital LA to Offer Pediatric Cancer Panel With Focus on Gene Fusions

SAN FRANCISCO (GenomeWeb) – The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles plans to begin offering a next-generation sequencing panel at the end of the month as a laboratory-developed test specifically tailored toward pediatric cancers.

Timothy Triche, co-director of the Center for Personalized Medicine at CHLA, said in a presentation at the recent Global AMP conference in Berlin and in a subsequent interview that the group could not simply modify available panels for adult cancers because the genomic alterations seen in pediatric cancers are so different.

For instance, he said, pediatric cancers are dominated by gene fusions and typically have very few point mutations, while adult cancers tend to have lots of point mutations and very few gene fusions. In addition, Triche said, the group wanted a panel that would cover the full spectrum of childhood cancers, including leukemias, lymphomas, sarcomas, and brain tumors.

The panel, dubbed OncoKids, will be run on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s equipment, including the Ion Chef for library prep, the Ion S5 for sequencing, and the Ion Reporter and Ion Torrent Suite for analysis. In addition, the CHLA team has designed a custom informatics pipeline, called integrated curation environment (ICE) for clinical interpretation and report generation.

The panel

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