Biodesix Banking on Rapid Turnaround Time to Drive Adoption of GeneStrat NSCLC Test

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Molecular diagnostics firm Biodesix is hoping quick turnaround time and targeted analysis will help drive up take of its GeneStrat non-small cell lung cancer mutation test in the community setting.

In a study published this week in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, researchers from Biodesix and Bio-Rad, which makes the droplet digital PCR platform on which the test is run, found that for 94 percent of 1,643 GeneStrat test performed in its CLIA facility, results were available within 72 hours.

Gary Pestano, Biodesix’s vice president of product development and operations and senior author on the paper, said that the company has maintained this turnaround time as test volume has grown. He said that Biodesix has run roughly 7,000 GeneStrat tests since launching the product in 2015.

Pestano added that the company is working to further lower turnaround time, primarily by automating the entire test workflow. The goal, he said, is to return results on 90 percent or more of its GeneStrat tests within 48 hours. Currently, he said, the company manages 48-hour turnaround for roughly 70 percent of GeneStrat tests.

Rapid turnaround is one of the key test features Biodesix is banking on as it tries

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