ASCO Expands TAPUR Sites; Inks Collaborations to Investigate Precision Oncology Globally

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – The American Society of Clinical Oncology has expanded the Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPUR) study to around 100 sites in the US, and inked collaborations that will also bolster other countries’ ability to explore precision oncology hypotheses.

At the ASCO annual meeting here yesterday, the oncology group said that as of May 31, more than 300 patients had enrolled in TAPUR ― a non-randomized basket study investigating the safety and efficacy of commercially available cancer drugs when they are given off label and based on the genomic characteristics of patients’ tumors.

When the study launched over a year ago, TAPUR was enrolling patients into 35 sites. But in the coming months eight new centers at 36 locations will begin to recruit patients, increasing the number of study sites to more than 100 in 20 US states. These sites will offer patients the chance to enroll in study arms investigating 15 targeted treatment options that seven drug companies have provided.

As part of its strategy to expand recruitment efforts, ASCO lowered the eligibility age from 18 years down to 12 years, so that adolescent patients with advanced cancer could join the study. Additionally, ASCO partnered with

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