Foundation Medicine, FlatIron Health Show Utility of Clinco-Genomic Database at ASCO

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) –A database of real-time, continuously updated genomic and clinical information on cancer patients can be a useful tool for precision medicine research, Foundation Medicine and Flatiron Health showed in data presented at a major medical meeting.

The two firms announced last year that they were launching the so-called Clinico-Genomic Database, integrating deidentified clinical data from cancer patients, such as diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes information from Flatiron’s EHR data platform, with detailed genomic data from Foundation Medicine’s registry comprising information for more than 100,000 cancer patients’ samples.

At the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting here Monday, Gaurav Singal, VP of data strategy and product development at Foundation Medicine, presented analysis of anonymized information in this Clinico-Genomic Database from more than 1,600 non-small cell lung cancer patients. These are NSCLC patients in Flatiron’s electronic medical records database that were tested for alterations in more than 300 genes and tumor mutational burden status using the FoundationOne next-generation sequencing test.

Out of 1,600 NSCLC patients largely seen at community practices, 576 had alterations that are targetable by a National Comprehensive Cancer Network recommended drug. Roughly 50 percent actually went on a targeted therapy, according to Flatiron, but the firm didn’t

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