Roche Shares New Data on Cell-Free DNA Kits, Anticipates US Availability This Month

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – After Launching its suite of Avenio circulating cell-free DNA assays last month for users outside the US, Roche now plans to make the panels available to American customers in about two weeks, and said it is anticipating strong interest after presenting two new posters at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting here this week.

Last November, Roche previewed two of the research-use-only panels at a meeting of the Association for Molecular Pathology — a 17-gene ‘focused’ panel and a 77-gene ‘expanded’ panel.

Both of these, and the third panel, are based on the CAPP-Seq technology developed by Stanford University’s Max Diehn and Ash Alizadeh, and acquired by Roche in 2015.

In one of the new studies presented at ASCO, a team led by Diehn and Alizadeh shared results using the Avenio technology to identify patients who had lingering cancer mutations in their blood (a sign of what clinicians call minimal residual disease) and to assess how these mutations corresponded to the risk of relapse.

This particular application of liquid biopsy is a growing target for research and commercial development, because of the significant potential to impact clinical practice and improve pharmaceutical trials in the adjuvant

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