Identification of Small Novel Coding Sequences, a Proteogenomics Endeavor.

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Identification of Small Novel Coding Sequences, a Proteogenomics Endeavor.

Adv Exp Med Biol. 2016;926:49-64

Authors: Olexiouk V, Menschaert G

The identification of small proteins and peptides has consistently proven to be challenging. However, technological advances as well as multi-omics endeavors facilitate the identification of novel small coding sequences, leading to new insights. Specifically, the application of next generation sequencing technologies (NGS), providing accurate and sample specific transcriptome / translatome information, into the proteomics field led to more comprehensive results and new discoveries. This book chapter focuses on the inclusion of RNA-Seq and RIBO-Seq also known as ribosome profiling, an RNA-Seq based technique sequencing the +/- 30 bp long fragments captured by translating ribosomes. We emphasize the identification of micropeptides and neo-antigens, two distinct classes of small translation products, triggering our current understanding of biology. RNA-Seq is capable of capturing sample specific genomic variations, enabling focused neo-antigen identification. RIBO-Seq can identify translation events in small open reading frames which are considered to be non-coding, leading to the discovery of micropeptides. The identification of small translation products requires the integration of multi-omics data, stressing the importance of proteogenomics in this novel research area.

PMID: 27686805 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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