Thermo Fisher's Oncomine Knowledgebase Reporter Aims to Simplify NGS Analysis

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – An early adopter of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Oncomine Knowledgebase Reporter genomic analysis software is reporting mostly positive results with the new product, but knows the technology is far from reaching its full potential.

“It’s a very good product,” said Karl Kashofer, manager of translational genome analysis in the Institute for Pathology at the Medical University of Graz, Austria.

For one thing, it makes pathologists more efficient and more accurate when making sense of genomic data. Plus, Thermo offers a locally hosted client-server version in addition to a cloud option, an important consideration for Medical University of Graz, since Austrian privacy laws do not allow for web-based analytics of sensitive data such as genomics, Kashofer said.

There still are some shortcomings, though. For example, the institute prints out reports as support information for pathologists, though reports tend to be dozens of pages long. “We are working on filtering information or summarizing,” Kashofer noted.

Thermo Fisher introduced Oncomine Knowledgebase Reporter at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual meeting in April. Knowledgebase Reporter is part of the Oncomine suite of products for next-generation sequencing.

A month ago, the US Food and Drug Administration cleared a related product, the Oncomine Dx Target

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