HalioDx Aims to Add Breast, Lung Cancer Panels to Dx Menu Amid New Research Collaborations

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – HalioDx is participating in several new research projects that it hopes will result in new products that will benefit its business.

The French immuno-oncology diagnostics firm announced earlier this month that it is taking part in two endeavors funded under France’s €74.5 million ($89.3 million) Hospital-University Research in Health (RHU) program.

While HalioDx’s involvement in the RHU projects will allow the firm to demonstrate the utility of its various offerings, the three-year-old company also believes that its participation could result in multiple new tests based on its Immunoscore platform, according to CEO Vincent Fert.

“We do have proof-of-concept on several cancers, different cancer types, so now we actually want to broaden the indication into breast cancer as well as lung cancer,” said Fert. “With Immunoscore, you look at the immune response, so it’s not cancer specific,” he said. “Potentially, the content can be applicable to all cancers, because all cancers affect the immune system.”

Immunoscore is HalioDx’s flagship assay. A version of the test designed for colorectal cancer patients, called Immunoscore Colon, measures the density of two T lymphocyte populations, CD8-positive cytotoxic T cells and CD3-positive T cells. The assay is performed on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue

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