DermTech Emphasizes Opportunity of PLA Tech to Lower Cost of Melanoma Testing

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – With its adhesive tape technology already implemented in select dermatology offices across the US, DermTech plans to publish an economic study that claims its pigmented lesion assay (PLA) technology will save payors upwards of $700 per melanoma testing procedure.

The firm’s non-invasive PLA technology assesses skin cells to distinguish potential melanoma-associated gene expression from benign pigmented skin lesions.

“We take advantage of the unique physiology of the skin, [since] it carries signals from the deeper layers of the epidermis, and those cells migrate from the bottom to the top, and with that, they carry all these signals we look at, [including] gene expression, DNA, and the microbiome,” DermTech CEO John Dobak explained.  

DermTech primarily sells its adhesive patches to dermatologists in the US. The company currently has 400 early adopters of the technology, who administer the test four to eight times a month.

Gregory Peck, former director of the Melanoma Center at the Washington Hospital Center, has used DermTech’s adhesive tape technology for the past two years. In an interview, Peck mentioned that his office has performed at least 700 tests with the DermTech product, and about 10 percent have been diagnosed as positive for

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