CureMatch Building Genomic Therapy-Matching Business Focused on Drug Combinations

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – A newcomer to the genomic medicine field, CureMatch, announced earlier this year that it had closed a bridge round to Series A financing with Serra Ventures after launching its genomics-based therapy-matching service this spring.

The company’s COO Stephane Richard said in an interview this week that CureMatch hasn’t disclosed details of the Serra financing yet, but the firm’s business strategy involves an initial focus on marketing its analysis directly to patients and doctors while working on pilot studies with genomics providers that may later lead to white-label type agreements that integrate its analysis into their own reports.

Co-founded by UCSD researchers Razell Kurzrock and Igor Tsigelny, CureMatch is based on a strategy that couples traditional scientific data curation with a more real-time annotation of clinical experience — applying the end result specifically to the question of drug combinations.

Although access to precision medicine is still far from universal, patients with cancer, especially at larger medical centers, are increasingly receiving at least some kind of genomic testing — whether a more limited sequencing panel, comprehensive or whole-genome sequencing, or newer non-invasive liquid biopsy assays.

With many of these tests, results are returned to doctors in a format

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