Mission Bio Harnesses Droplet Microfluidic Tech for Single-Cell DNA Analysis; Focuses on AML

SAN FRANCISCO (GenomeWeb) – Mission Bio has entered the single-cell analysis field, hoping to set itself apart from the competition with a platform that focuses on analyzing DNA rather than RNA from single cells and by developing targeted panels.

The South San Francisco, California-based startup earlier this week announced a $10 million Series A financing round, and plans to broadly launch its instrument, dubbed Tapestri, along with an acute myeloid leukemia panel in December.

Mission Bio’s technology is based on proprietary droplet microfluidic technology for single-cell sequencing, some of which it licensed from the University of California, San Francisco. Adam Abate, a cofounder of Mission Bio and principal investigator in the department of bioengineering and therapeutic sciences at UCSF, led a study published in Nature Biotechnology earlier this year describing the technology.

Although that study described its use for sequencing environmental samples, the Mission Bio team has modified it to work on human cells for its first application and has developed a targeted acute myeloid leukemia panel.

Charlie Silver, CEO of Mission Bio, said that the firm plans to follow up on the initial instrument and AML panel launch with consumables that enable customers to design their own targeted panels.

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