Molecular function of florigen.

Florigen is a mobile flowering signal in plants that has a strong impact on plant reproduction and is considered one of the important targets for crop improvement. At the molecular level, florigen is represented as a protein product encoded by the FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) gene, which is highly conserved across flowering plants and thus the understanding of this protein is expected to be applied to the improvement of many crops. Recent advances in molecular genetics, cell biology and structural biology in plants revealed the presence of intercellular receptors for florigen, a transcriptional complex essential for florigen to function, and also shed light on the molecular basis of pleiotropic function of florigen beyond flowering. Furthermore, cutting-edge technologies, such as live cell imaging and next generation sequencing revealed the precise distribution of florigen and transcriptional targets of the florigen activation complex (FAC) during early stages of floral transition. These understandings will help future crop improvement through the regulation of flowering and other plant developmental processes.

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