Application of genomic selection in farm animal breeding.

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Application of genomic selection in farm animal breeding.

Yi Chuan. 2017 Nov 20;39(11):1033-1045

Authors: Tan C, Bian C, Yang D, Li N, Wu ZF, Hu XX

Genomic selection (GS) has become a widely accepted method in animal breeding to genetically improve economic traits. With the declining costs of high-density SNP chips and next-generation sequencing, GS has been applied in dairy cattle, swine, poultry and other animals and gained varying degrees of success. Currently, major challenges in GS studies include further reducing the cost of genome-wide SNP genotyping and improving the predictive accuracy of genomic estimated breeding value (GEBV). In this review, we summarize various methods for genome-wide SNP genotyping and GEBV prediction, and give a brief introduction of GS in livestock and poultry breeding. This review will provide a reference for further implementation of GS in farm animal breeding.

PMID: 29254921 [PubMed – in process]

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