Mature lymphoid malignancies: origin, stem cells, and chronicity.

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Mature lymphoid malignancies: origin, stem cells, and chronicity.

Blood Adv. 2017 Nov 28;1(25):2444-2455

Authors: Husby S, Grønbæk K

The chronic behavior of mature lymphoid malignancies, with relapses occurring years apart in many patients, has until recently been unexplained. Patterns of relapse also differ vastly between disease entities, with some being highly curable by chemotherapy whereas others are destined to reemerge after treatment. Lately, the use of next-generation sequencing techniques has revealed essential information on the clonal evolution of lymphoid malignancies. Also, experimental xenograft transplantation point to the possible existence of an ancestral (stem) cell. Such a malignant lymphoid stem cell population could potentially evade current therapies and be the cause of chronicity and death in lymphoma patients; however, the evidence is divergent across disease entities and between studies. In this review we present an overview of genetic studies, case reports, and experimental evidence of the source of mature lymphoid malignancy and discuss the perspectives.

PMID: 29296894 [PubMed]

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