Diffuse Gliomas for Nonneuropathologists: The New Integrated Molecular Diagnostics.

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Diffuse Gliomas for Nonneuropathologists: The New Integrated Molecular Diagnostics.

Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2018 May 18;:

Authors: Lee SC

Diffuse gliomas comprise the bulk of “brain cancer” in adults. The recent update to the 4th edition of the World Health Organization’s classification of tumors of the central nervous system reflects an unprecedented change in the landscape of the diagnosis and management of diffuse gliomas that will affect all those involved in the management and care of patients. Of the recently discovered gene alterations, mutations in the Krebs cycle enzymes isocitrate dehydrogenases (IDHs) 1 and 2 have fundamentally changed the way the gliomas are understood and classified. Incorporating information on a few genetic parameters (IDH, ATRX and/or p53, and chromosome 1p19q codeletion), a relatively straightforward diagnostic algorithm has been generated with robust and reproducible results that correlate with patients’ survival far better than relying on conventional histology alone. Evidence also supports the conclusion that the vast majority of diffuse gliomas without IDH mutations (IDH-wild-type astrocytomas) behave like IDH-wild-type glioblastomas (“molecular GBM”). Together, these changes reflect a big shift in the practice of diagnostic neuropathology in which tumor risk stratification aligns better with molecular information than histology/grading. The purpose of this review is to provide the readers with a brief synopsis of the changes in the 2016 World Health Organization update with an emphasis on diffuse gliomas and to summarize key gene abnormalities on which these classifications are based. Practical points involved in day-to-day diagnostic workup are also discussed, along with a comparison of the various diagnostic tests, including immunohistochemistry, with an emphasis on targeted next-generation sequencing panel technology as a future universal approach.

PMID: 29775073 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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