CoverView: a sequence quality evaluation tool for next generation sequencing data.

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CoverView: a sequence quality evaluation tool for next generation sequencing data.

Wellcome Open Res. 2018;3:36

Authors: Münz M, Mahamdallie S, Yost S, Rimmer A, Poyastro-Pearson E, Strydom A, Seal S, Ruark E, Rahman N

Quality assurance and quality control are essential for robust next generation sequencing (NGS). Here we present CoverView, a fast, flexible, user-friendly quality evaluation tool for NGS data. CoverView processes mapped sequencing reads and user-specified regions to report depth of coverage, base and mapping quality metrics with increasing levels of detail from a chromosome-level summary to per-base profiles. CoverView can flag regions that do not fulfil user-specified quality requirements, allowing suboptimal data to be systematically and automatically presented for review. It also provides an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) that can be opened in a web browser and allows intuitive exploration of results. We have integrated CoverView into our accredited clinical cancer predisposition gene testing laboratory that uses the TruSight Cancer Panel (TSCP). CoverView has been invaluable for optimisation and quality control of our testing pipeline, providing transparent, consistent quality metric information and automatic flagging of regions that fall below quality thresholds. We demonstrate this utility with TSCP data from the Genome in a Bottle reference sample, which CoverView analysed in 13 seconds. CoverView uses data routinely generated by NGS pipelines, reads standard input formats, and rapidly creates easy-to-parse output text (.txt) files that are customised by a simple configuration file. CoverView can therefore be easily integrated into any NGS pipeline. CoverView and detailed documentation for its use are freely available at and

PMID: 29881786 [PubMed]

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