Fluidigm, GenomOncology Partner to Create Integrated Workflow for Immuno-Oncology Research

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Fluidigm and GenomOncology announced today that they have partnered to create what they’re calling the Immuno-Oncology Gene Expression Workflow, with the goal of accelerating the development of checkpoint immunotherapies and the identification of potential predictive biomarker signatures for therapeutic response.

The workflow for immuno-oncology research will span RNA extraction through data analysis and will combine Fluidigm’s Advanta Immuno-Oncology Gene Expression Assay with GenomOncology’s data analysis software, the GO Immuno-Oncology Workbench powered by GenomAnalytics.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Gene expression profiling of the tumor microenvironment has proven effective in measuring immune response during cancer progression and therapeutic response. The Advanta IO Gene Expression Assay, which was launched in July 2017, uses microfluidic technology to detect 170 gene expression markers involved in checkpoint therapeutic response. It’s designed for use with the Biomark HD system, and works with both FFPE and fresh frozen tumor samples. The assay can analyze biomarkers across defined T cell subsets, immune regulation, immune cell fate, cytokines, chemokines, and others, according to the firm.

Fluidigm also offers the Advanta FFPE RNA Extraction Kit, which produces high-quality RNA from tumor samples and improves the sensitivity of tumor transcript detection, as well as

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