MSK Leans on Cota to Combine Genomic Data With Patient Records

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – This month, healthcare analytics technology vendor Cota announced a partnership with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York to build clinical and genomic data sets in an effort to improve patient care and research.

Under the five-year deal, Cota will take anonymized clinical records from MSK and run it through its Cota Nodal Address classification system to create patient cohorts by categorizing patient-specific medical histories, information on their diseases, and planned therapies. This, representatives from the both cancer center and the company said, will help MSK make sense of vast stores of unstructured clinical data and prepare for the new world of value-based payments.

“We decided to utilize [Cota’s] services based primarily on their fit for organizing unstructured data, which is a primary need of ours, to just access this wealth of information we have in the electronic health record, and ultimately couple it with genomic profiles and other data,” said Paul Sabbatini, deputy physician-in-chief for clinical research at MSK.

“A lot of the data we measure here is very objective and very easy and structured,” Sabbatini said. “But what’s missing is all of that unstructured story [about each patient] in the electronic health record.”


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