Genetic Aspects of Hereditary Arrhythmogenic Syndromes in Children and Adults.

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Genetic Aspects of Hereditary Arrhythmogenic Syndromes in Children and Adults.

Acta Clin Croat. 2017 Dec;56(4):749-755

Authors: Miranović V, Crnogorac S

Recent research has revealed the genetic etiology of a number of heart diseases that cause sudden cardiac death. Lethal channelopathies are of great importance among the genetically determined heart diseases. Their basic characteristics are unpredictable and deadly nature, autosomal dominant inheritance with variable expressivity and incomplete penetrance in structurally normal heart, and absence of morphological and histological clues that a standard autopsy can identify. Minimum screening of the relatives of sudden cardiac death victims involves taking medical history, physical examination, electrocardiography, echocardiography, and exercise testing. Total positivity of classic genetic tests is only 15%-25%. Even the next generation sequencing technology does not provide a positive result of genetic testing in more than 35% of cases. Therefore, it is necessary to identify a larger number of genes the presence of which can lead to sudden cardiac death, to reduce the number of false positive results, and point to the importance of conducting genetic testing of young victims of sudden cardiac death. Until then, it is enough to preserve 5 g of fresh heart tissue of sudden cardiac death victims at a temperature of -80 °C. The material can be analyzed years later without losing its actuality because it contains information important for the next generation of the sudden cardiac death victim relatives.

PMID: 29590732 [PubMed – in process]

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