Loeffler 4.0: Diagnostic Metagenomics.

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Loeffler 4.0: Diagnostic Metagenomics.

Adv Virus Res. 2017;99:17-37

Authors: Höper D, Wylezich C, Beer M

A new world of possibilities for “virus discovery” was opened up with high-throughput sequencing becoming available in the last decade. While scientifically metagenomic analysis was established before the start of the era of high-throughput sequencing, the availability of the first second-generation sequencers was the kick-off for diagnosticians to use sequencing for the detection of novel pathogens. Today, diagnostic metagenomics is becoming the standard procedure for the detection and genetic characterization of new viruses or novel virus variants. Here, we provide an overview about technical considerations of high-throughput sequencing-based diagnostic metagenomics together with selected examples of “virus discovery” for animal diseases or zoonoses and metagenomics for food safety or basic veterinary research.

PMID: 29029726 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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