Emerging cardiac non-coding landscape: The importance of meta-analysis.

The invention of transcriptome-wide deep sequencing technology has fundamentally changed our understanding of the complex networks that mediate cardiac functions. Since its inception, researchers have uncovered various novel pathways and transcripts that could be one day used for therapeutics and diagnostics. The characterization of various non-protein coding RNAs (ncRNAs) has aided the study of cardiac manifestation in more detail. Although numerous studies have unearthed the importance of miRNA and lncRNA, the existence and importance of other ncRNAs have been neglected due to their unusual behaviors and outdated ideologies. Recent studies focused on these neglected molecules have proven that these molecules are functional and of great potential. This review brings into focus some of those ncRNAs that were once thought to be futile and not expressed in the heart with an emphasis on the use of meta-data.

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